who is she?

She is excited for her big day!
She cares about the details but she never loses sight that marriage is forever. 
She envisions a life she loves!
She pictures a homemade brunch with her husband in their new home. 
 She loves her job!
She is passionate about her livelihood but always keeps friends and family at the forefront.
She is getting married somewhere grand!
She loves the aesthetic of an estate or manor home, only the best will do. 
They cherish the time they've been together!
They know the ins and outs of their relationship because they've been through the good times AND hard times together.
She is effortlessly elegant!
She knows deep down that classic never goes out of style. 
She will love her gown!
She has dreamt of her gown as something she would cherish forever and one day, her daughter may even wear it.
She is sophisticated!
She is tasteful, but not high maintenance.
She values family tradition!
Traditions never die, but she's also not afraid to start her own. 
She's sentimental!
She loves meaningful symbols that are representative of her family.